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At NEST, as part of our liquid bulk transport services, we also offer our clients food grade 20” isotank/containers for holding and transporting their liquid foodstuff or non-toxic liquid bulk cargo.

The food-grade isotanks are newly built, full frame T11, 26,000-liter isotank containers, with a T316 stainless steel barrel, carbon steel frame, self-cleaning system, insulation, steam heat, with top and bottom discharging provisions.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much does an ISO tank hold?

Nominal Capacities: 26,000 liters (3,963 gal)

How much does an empty ISO tank weigh?

Our Hippo-Tanks weight (tare) ranges from 3700 to 3800 kgs

Are the Hippo-Tanks insulated ?

Surrounded by layers of insulation of the highest-quality materials, all Hippo-Tanks, are designed to minimize product temperature gain throughout a shipping cycle. These super-insulated tanks are able to deliver temperature-sensitive products without the extra costs of refrigeration.

What are the benefits of Hippo-Tanks ?
  • Increased Payload

A 20ft. box container can hold up to a maximum of 80 drums or 16,000L in total, while our 20ft. Hippo-Tanks can carry 26,000L.

For the equivalent shipping space, the Hippo-Tanks carry a far greater quantity of product, while also eliminating the time-consuming inefficiencies of drum filling, unloading and disposal, that is,

Hippo-Tanks save money!

  • Efficiency

Our Hippo-Tanks are user friendly equipment. Moreover they eliminate the time-consuming inefficiencies of drum filling, unloading and disposal, that is

Hippo-Tanks save money!

  • Superior Temperature Performance

The Hippo-Tanks are all super-insulated, that is your cargo is protected by extreme temperature fluctuations.


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