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Do you import or export non Imo liquid products? If YES,

We inform you that we can provide you with the most reliable flexitank service.

In a few minutes, the flexitank equipment can transform a 20” container into a tank. Each flexitank, depending on its properties, can be loaded with bulk liquid cargos, either foodstuff or chemicals (Non-IMO Class). This is a most innovative and cost-effective way of transforming a 20″ container into a tank.

Please, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to visit you and provide you with all the details.

Commodities that need heating

fats, palmoil, glycerin and other products, need heating to discharge

Many commodities need to be heated to be properly discharged.

The specially designed steam heating pads, fit under the flexitank to evenly reheat the cargo before unloading.  This heater pad allows liquids that have a low melting point and can solidify when subjected to low temperatures, to be discharged using either steam or hot water as a heat source. (Electric heater pads available on request.)

Into flexitank

Wine shipments

We have many years of experience in beverage transportation and operation of flexitanks.

Flexitank advantages…

  • More consistent wine temperature in transit – reduced fluctuation can improve shelf life.
  • Oxygen and VOC Protection.
  • Oxygen Migration.

Wine is the only liquid in the world expected to withstand the rigours of transport as well as the scrutiny of discerning oenologists.

During transit it’s tossed on seas and rattled on railroads in blistering heat and freezing cold. Protecting its journey from vineyard to glass is a challenge but years of research perfected the taint free solution

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for wine flexitanks

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