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Services Nest can provide
  1. Flexitank Operations
  2. Tipping Chassis
  3. Custom Clearance
  4. Flexitank Disposal

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Shortly About Us
We are a freight forwarding company, dedicated to bulk liquid cargos.

We transport 20” or 40” containers over the globe on trucks and vessels.
Our expertise to flexitanks dates back to 1985...
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Custom Clearance

We offer customs clearance services for your cargo at the main ports in Greece and abroad.

We undertake any kind of customs procedures for your imports and exports...

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Why flexitanks
  1. 15% more payload than using IBCs and 44% higher than drums
  2. They are specialy designed for your cargos and contamination danger is zero
  3. Loading and discharging time is reduced by 90% comparing to drums.



Tipping chassis

If you want to discharge your precious cargo from a container and want to leave no residual inside then perhaps you need the use of tipping chassis. This mean of unloading is the best way to return a completely empty container after discharge...

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